Perry Imagery

Perry Imagery was founded in 2007 and has photographed seniors, weddings, newborns and other special life events. I pride myself in making my clients feel comfortable and a part of the creative experience. Each session is an opportunity to create something I've never done before. Along with these special moments, I love to travel and capture everyday moments on the streets, whether it be home in Sioux Falls or across the country or world. Whenever I have the chance, I hop on a plane or into the car and go somewhere I've never gone before. Every day is a chance to capture a moment and preserve it in time forever. 

My Short Biography

Photography by Samantha Perry

My name is Samantha Perry and I am the owner and photographer of Perry Imagery. From an early age, I was in love with photography, filling up disposable cameras with thousands of images and begging my mom to take me to the store to get them developed. My skills in photography were enhanced when I took my first photography class in high school. I learned the foundations of photography with a film camera and later switched over to a digital camera. I attended Augustana College and earned a bachelors degree in art and K-12 education, in 2012. While there, I spent a semester studying sculpting and painting in Florence, Italy. In 2012, I started teaching photography and drawing at the high school level, in Sioux Falls, SD. I later went back to Augustana and earned a masters degree in education with an emphasis in technology, in 2014. I currently teach high school art in the Seattle Area.